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Our key pillars

Extracting extra virgin olive oil is always based on two key pillars. The first is obtaining the highest quality, healthiest fruit with just the right amount of moisture at their optimal ripeness. The second is subjecting them to an extraction process that does not alter their physical-chemical or sensory properties.

Pressed oil

Our EVOO is a pressed oil that is extracted by using only physical processes. We say “extraction" instead of “production" because nothing is produced. We simply extract the oil held within olives from our Santa Maria de Cepeda Alta and Agudillos Estates. From this extraction process, our “Magnun Sess Premium" was born.

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Flos Olei

Silver Medal
New York 2019.

Professional Excellence Award 2019

Silver Medal
Los Angeles 2020.

Gold Medal
Japan 2019

Gold Medal
Japan 2020

Silver Medal
London 2019




Fresh grass and herbaceous notes with a tomato highlight that enhances its complexity.


Complex aromas of ripened fruit: Medium intensity spicy and bitter flavour.


Mostly green, fruity flavour: attributes of some ripe fruits. Grassy and leafy notes.

Today, our project is highly successful thanks to Manuel Nieto Aguilera, an untiring fighter and a man with a passion for the field and his olive trees. With his efforts, sacrifice, and perseverance, he laid the foundations of this great family company. Manuel Nieto Aguilera was named co-founder of this now more than 50 year-old company posthumously.



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